Engineered Wood Flooring

For decades, solid wood has been considered a luxury item to install in the home or office. This is due to its timeless elegance that are not dictated by fading fashion trends. A quality solid wooden floor will last you years to come and increase the value of your home.

Advantages of Solid Engineered Wooden Flooring

Environmentally Friendly: Less precious wood is used in the manufacturing.

Pre-Finished: Installations are quicker and can be walked on immediately.

Long Lasting: Planks can be sanded up to 3 times in their lifecycle.

Stable: Rigid planks that don’t warp/bend as easily as solid timber flooring.

Locking System: Tight fit ensures water is less likely to penetrate and allows for the floors to be removed and re-installed if damaged or required.

FSC Certified: Forest Stewardship Council is and international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

We take flooring seriously, therefore we are the only supplier and installer that have products that outlived their original warranty.

Oak engineered hardwood flooring is our most popular range of flooring. It offers beautiful character, a vast array of finishes and coupled with good durability. Making oak flooring unmatched in terms of its versatility.


Flooring Specifications:

(Typically offered but not limited to)

Oak engineered multiply hardwood flooring. Each floor board is engineered, consisting of several layers of hardwood, of which the top visual layer is European Oak.

Wood Grading: Each tree is unique and different parts of the same tree produce different surface textures and appearances. We supply 2 grades of flooring namely clear and rustic.

The clear grade is selected from the fine grain wood found around the centre core of the log where there are no knots, each tree produces fewer clear grade planks.

Rustic grade is manufactured from the outer parts of the core where branches attach and is full of character and visibly knottier.


A variety of thickness are available. Each to suite your needs. Our entry level engineered board comes with a 0.7mm top layer, followed by a 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness.

Sizes typically offered (typically offered but not limited to):

*158mm wide x 1900mm long x 10/3mm thick

*190mm wide x 1900mm long x 15/4mm thick

*220mm wide x 2200mm long x 15/4mm thick

*190mm wide x 2200mm long x 21/6mm thick

*220mm wide x 2200mm long x 21/6mm thick

*260mm wide x 2200mm long x 21/6mm thick